Mickey Pearson Blog#1 1/24

Week 1 Blog Critical Race Theory

Topic: Should Executive Branch Agencies Continue Providing CRT Training for Employees

Title: The Need for CRT Training

The Executive Branch agencies should continue providing Critical Race Theory (CRT) training for its Employees because such training would be beneficial to examining critical societal structures in this country that deal with race, law, and power. The first benefit of CRT would be learning the atrocities committed in this country in the name of freedom and justice, but clearly have a racial foundation. Many people follow the belief that this country is founded on certain freedoms, principles, and ideals that they are taught in school. However, the country has struggled to uphold many of the democratic ideals on which it was founded. Secondly, the issue of law. Currently, the country is struggling to uphold the Constitution, and cannot heal the racial divide we see today without recognizing the racial oppression on which the country was founded. So, CRT training on not just race, but law is also critically important. Lastly, the power structure in this country is one that benefits a few. Therefore, CRT training is necessary to address the power inequities we see all around us in this country and how this came to be. Overall, CRT training is not only necessary but crucial to understanding the critical societal structures in this country that deal with race, law, and power. Additionally, without this training the lack of understanding and ignorance for the breakdown in societal structures we see today will continue to exist. Thereby, perpetuating the problems of racial injustice, inequality, and racism that we see rampant in our society.

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